Identification of real Blue Sapphire

How Will we identify the real blue sapphire

How we may go for identifying the real blue sapphire from the fake one. Blue sapphire or Neelam stones available in market may be real or fake. Here in this article some identification are  given to find genuine stone. Separation of natural stone from synthetic by seeing is nearly impossible, sometimes it is very difficult for professional gemologist to separate real one from the fake one visually.

identify real blue sapphire

Methods of identification of original blue sapphire

  • Yellow shade appearance - If your  blue sapphire doesn't appear yellow shade then you can be certain that it is at least not lolite stone (lolite is a stone like blue color but if u rotate that yellow shades will appear)

  • Doubling effect - Blue sapphire shows only two shades of blue.You can also separate it with instrument called refractometer.
  • Artificially  made blue glass - Glass is a good simulant of all gemstones. So man made glass stone will have "gas bubbles" inside the stone which looks like round, oval inclusion. Common people might find it difficult to identify and separate "gas bubbles" from the synthetic stone, but few practice and experts can easily find the difference.
  • By using Gemstone testing lab - Lab test is the best and important method to identify the genuine from the fake one. so always ask for receipt and lab test report for any precious gemstone u are buying.

  • Blue cubic zirconia -  It is the most common substitute for blue sapphire. Weight of these blue zirconia is heavier than blue sapphire as its specific gravity is more.

By following above procedures, we can easily Identify the original and real blue sapphire.