Rudraksha - an analysis to know the benefits

Rudraksha an analysis to know benefits

          Rudraksha is a fruit of a tree grown at different places of this earth. Everything born out of earth finally goes back to her. She is the father mother heaven and everything. Whatever may be one’s fault she regards everyone with her affection (Mahabharata bhishma parva). In the order of creation earth is last but one in the sequence of space, air, fire, water and earth. The five element of nature called panchamahabhuta.

          Being element of nature she is prakruti as in Veda. But before creation of Veda mans are using the seeds of Rudraksha as their ornaments as well health care, family protection for business to gain wealth and prosperity. It is primarily used by the people for feeling the power of god and to have contact with him. Rudraksha has natural hole which resembles that like earth surface.
nature is prakruti in veda 
          Omm Rudraksha is completely a private research unit on god. To meet the day to day expenses they have taken shelter to sell Rudraksha etc.


Nature is always seen as empty and also as in the form of different shape after creation of universe having soul (a power always n the form of invisible).


nature is always seen in the form of dead materials in the earth .A life is created when extra power of souls comes and choose a dead material to stay with him for some time . There is verity of life seen in this world and man is one of them
          The tree is also a combination of half dead and half life (That is a soul with some extra power), also remain present n every tree.
         Although we think as dead to the dead materials, created by the nature, still the power of soul remain in these dead materials. Hence we can tell it as god’s creation.


so god is a combination of two super powers which are 1. Nature (mother parambhrahma) 2. Ishwara (father parambrahma). Both of these two supreme souls are invisible. Only we feel them existing. Although we can only feel, truth is, the shape of god is not visible. Man is created by god as supreme life after creation of different verities of life. As god is creator, he comes to solve our problems. He comes for help equally to all the living beings.  God can take different forms at will and pleasure and helps all living beings. God power also exists inside the beads of Rudraksha.
          Life and death is compulsory for any life, but its longevity and existence depends upon the work done by the living being in life.
          If anyone is interested to know more on the Rudraksha and god then please contact at Ommrudraksha shop at Bangalore. We can have a friendly talk on god and related.
          Rudraksha wearing does not depend upon religion. Just similar to life it can be worn by all people and animal or living being without any barring.


Mostly obtained from the fruits of tree. Some few seeds are also available directly from the tree. Sometimes question arises on our mind like – Did the trees came into existence earlier than the seeds of the other ways? We can argue on the answer as there may be no seeds available for some trees, and its extension can be through their branches and or roots. Hence there may not be any requirement to have any seeds for certain trees. In case of our real world, the life does not depend upon any child. The body is enough to expand make their siblings.
          When seeds fall on earth, they are the medium for creating another tree. Sometimes we may keep some seeds for a long time or for years. We see that after that the seeds do not work. We may assume that now the seeds are completely dead. But a few of these dead seeds may bring life again.
          Dead materials change their shape and form. Life starts to take forms from those dead materials. So in one way we can say that the dead materials also have life. This can be reasoned as – All these created from pancha – maha – bhooth. This pancha – maha – bhooth is called as nature which is having soul.
          Nature and soul both are responsible for creation of all these visible and non visible properties / objects of the universe. The seeds on this universe are created after years of evolution. So also the Creation of man and woman are after several evolutions.
          We understand that “God” is the father and mother. As per our will and Pleasure we accept the god as our father and mother. We actually do not think that “The two parambrahma (father and mother) are actually both husband and wife”.
          As per the “Srimad bhagabat”- Over one tree (Universe) there are two birds living. One bird (nature) enjoys everything and the other bird (soul) keeps mum and never reacts.
          In “Ramayana” lord Shiva replied to parvati “Being one parambrahma it is impossible that the fact is not known to you. I have gone to see Rama, but u need not go”.
          In India, people say “Rudraksha is created by Lord Shiva”. Shiva is “Nature”. After the creation of the Universe there is no difference between Lord Shiva and Mother Parambrahma.
          Rudraksha helps in building of India Indians mostly use Rudraksha and also they depend and believe in god. They do this not just today, but since the creation of the country. Even before creation of this country, there was no quarrel between them. The sages used to wear Rudraksha which helps them to collect different information’s and made them able for writing Veda after discussion. All these helps India to be United and One today and also in future. Laying seeds for the creating of India.
          After creation of Veda, some problems like King “Mahinsasura” were created and started giving problems to the society. He started forcing on women and occupied different land and state one after another. Many died because of this and had fled to other places. After long suffering, all gathered for a “Yanja” and then they decided to kill Mahinsasura. It was agreed to send a woman for the purpose. The powerful and blessed woman named “Durga” killed the demon. All prayed and regarded Durga to be the supreme soul and decided “Veda to be in responsibility of the sage people only”. This situation is treated as the time when the seed is planted and watered for creation of foundation for India.
          With time the faith and meditation on god increased. The user of Rudraksha increased. People tried to obtain Rudraksha and wear. And slowly the change started and the character of all the people towards spiritual path and thought, to avoid the mahinsasura type of demon thought and problem. And the writing of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Srimad bhagabat and Gita etc followed.
          Rudraksha helps to bring similar spiritually focused people together and makes them to meet and do discussion again and again. It has helped to keep the people of India United and a Country of God. With time different kings with wrong path have also influenced and forced the people to do differently. And the situation of confusion for the difference between Shiva, Vishnu and Devis Created. Still people get confused on spiritual power.
          When Gautama Buddha’s voice was heard, large section of the country was influenced and was convinced with him. People started leaving everything and followed him dearly. The situations have compelled and made people to pray God for saving them and their family.
          The king puri had sent representative to different kings to obtain their advice. The king and queens of puri were devotees of god. Basing on the advice of god and different kings and of the good wishers, the king of puri was able to change the voice of Gautama Buddha to some extent after discussion with him. Buddhists were engaged as worshipper for the newly created temple “Lord Jagannath” of puri. The learned and knowledgeable Brahmins gathered at puri and they remained silent after feeling the importance of the fact.
          One young Buddhist and one Brahmin Kashmir girl (who came to see puri with her parents) started liking each other. The girl was locally named as “Mari” among her friends due to her beauty and used to describe about her nice Kashmir country always. Her parents were unable to accept the relationship of their daughter, left puri along with their daughter. The Kashmir girl and the Buddhist stayed for some time at foreign. Later the Buddhist returned back to puri to meet his Buddhist friends at lord Jagannath temple. He was not able meet his friends and left for some unknown place. The Kashmir girl was compelled to stay at the foreign land due to her pregnancy and her son after birth was named. This fact has no evidence yet, and can be treated as local story only. But there is evidence for Buddhist worshipper as yet in the Jagannath temple.
          The Christians call their worship temple as Church. But we the Indians call church as “Girija” which means “Lord Shiva’s residence area”. And Rudraksha is available in plenty at Shiva’s residential area.
          After creation of Sri Jagannath temple, the king Ashok attacked the state of Sri Jagannath called “Kalinga” at that time. This war changed the mind of King Ashok. He was convinced on Buddhism and then had sacrificed his life as preacher of the Buddhism. It also helped to bring further Unity for India.
          Again due to English people Chanakya, Mahatma Gandhi, and some others tried their best for creation of United India. And finally a natural tree like India is created without any religion accepting Lord Jagannath Views through Buddhist “Dr Ambedkar”.
          Slowly the people in India forget the use of Rudraksha. Many times people are cheated by the elected people. Many of the voters also follow the wrong people. We can always understand that God is always silent observer and remain silent. But when god acts that time nobody can save the wrong. God always keep silence and observes silently just like a scientist. God’s Experimental table is this universe. And a man is newly born particle on god’s table.
          Rudraksha is one among the old particles on god’s table. Do not miss the power of Rudraksha. Wear it and feel it.
          Rudraksha surface is corrugated. On its circular surface, the power goes in circular fashion though it’s natural holes. This creates a magnetic field. The surface of the Rudraksha can be compared to that of the earth having natural poles creating magnetic field.
rudraksha helps while praying 

How does rudraksha’s magnetic field works?

          If we throw one stone straight to the sky it will fall down after creation of some magnetic field over the surface of the earth. This magnetic field is less than the magnetic field created by a stone thrown inclined. So
  1. The magnetic field created is depending on your force and stone’s weight and volume. This may be your work done on throwing.

  2. Central gravity force also depends on your force, stone’s weight and volume plus power of soul available n the earth and in the stone.

          The force depends on nature + soul’s power but magnetic field depends on weight and volumes power, which fully depends upon nature + extra soul’s power.


Where extra soul’s power is available?

          It is available only in life. Earth is a combination of dead materials. All the five elements of nature are also available in the earth. There is extra soul power available n the earth as it is moving himself as well as moving around the sun. That means all the elements of earth s having souls. Hence it is a combination of soul power and life.
          Hence as Rudraksha and earth (world) seems similar, we may take Rudraksha as life. Pumps, motors, engines etc have also got the magnetic field but without life.
          We feel Rudraksha is essential for man in this modern life. There will be no end of writing, if present physical examples to be given. Interested people are free to take interest in discussion.
          To meet Lord Shiva people pray Shiva in front of parvathi. Similarly to meet father parambrahma you have to call him in front of mother parambrahma and vice versa or you have to call both of them in front of Shiva, using Rudraksha as ornament to your body for easy success.

How to pray god?

how to pray god 
          In India most of people chant “Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Gurudeva Mahaswara, Guru Sakhyat parambrahma, Tasmei shree gurabe Namah”. It is prayer to the original Guru, who has created us. That is parambrahma or God. The prayer is after making necklace telling five times guru. The man Pray god using this prayer, using Rudraksha everywhere on their body. This Rudraksha should touch your body to get the effect of its magnetic field created. Praying to god or parambrahma should not be based on religion. All people can pray God in front of any statue as they like in place of Shiva as Ekalavya created as written in “Srimadbhagabat”, based on their faith only. Parambrahma always present everywhere for all, created by him.  Your body will act as Shiva even without any statue. God present inside and outside of your body. Nobody can do any work without god’s knowledge. Hence prayer can be done at any place at any time.

How Rudraksha helps for praying god?

rudraksha for praying god 
          Rudraksha looks like earth from outside and also reminds us the same again and again. This Rudraksha and earth etc which we are able to see at present is created after evolution in invisible and empty universe. Hence you have to look towards the empty sky / heaven and try to create a picture or figure to whom you respect and slowly bring this figure to your empty heart and fix it permanently and pray (1) to meet god (2) to know about god (3) any other thing you want to know. One day you must succeed.
          We are able to meet god “Shree Chintamanee” (local name for god). The meaning of Chintamani is what you are thinking in your mind. After we meet each other shree Chiintamani told not necessary to use any photo for praying. He is able to hear every body, all calls and prayers and thoughts for him. He is able to hear the calls from any heart at any place. In any figure in any language as per requirement.
          We think that first lotus is created then life like “Brahma”. Always lotus born on muddy soil with water. It means trees were created before creation of life in water with the help of mud. Yes it is fact. Think again, what brainy man created at this time, without any hospital most people were born. Due to modern age we may go hospital, but avoiding nature treatment? It should not be.
          At modern age we take DNA test to know child’s parents. When it is known to everybody that Rudraksha is creation of god, and then god’s every particle is present within Rudraksha. We can take its advantage as it looks like earth.
          One day in India goddess sabitri able to bring her dead husband again to life after praying god. Do not think this is a story. It is a fact. Now a day’s also some people maintain their life like sabitri and satyaban. If you want you can meet then but it depends on your interest and the way you look at it.
          Regarding mother parambrahma like durga also, do not take it at low heart. In case of Kishorimani mishra (currently about 79 years age), one day thieves entered her residence from the roof top and taken all the belongings from house to outside. She prayed to goddess to save her life as well as save the properties. Suddenly goddess able to reach there and the thieves saved their own life somehow. Goddess waited there till Kshori Mishra told her to go. After knowing this type of facts once the neighbor woman forced Kishorimani Mishra to bring her dead little son life. Mishra tried to avoid such type of situation but due to compelling situation, she told yes to the lady and told to go to her son who is alive. And yes, it is done at Bhubaneswar and now the boy is around 45 years of age.
          Power always works; the feeling of it depends upon your own work only. Hence use Rudraksha at least 19 numbers minimum (ten at head + five as necklace + 2 for both arm + two for both wrist) at the time of praying. Lotus seeds may be used as mat to seat for praying. Do not use powers of god for play, to avoid punishment. God’s power can be used on special and extreme urgency only which are not avoidable.

How ommRudraksha born?

          When we are able to know god as a combined form of two parambrahma instead of only one i.e. (1) from our body to mother parambrahma (nature) (2) from our soul to father parambrahma. Nature always changes its shape but soul is always invisible, we decided to help the people through Rudraksha. Hence at any moment we want to help through Rudraksha. We have considered giving Rudraksha freely to the people affected by some specific disease (see for more details ) on approval and on personal request. But when demand on free rudraksha increased which was not possible to fulfill all from our end, we have started selling rudraksha to obtain the finance. And that has created ommRudraksha.

So How many gods are there -

we understand god
          Originally god is out of only two parambrahmas. But after revolution and creation of the universe, every group of society in real wold have separate definition of God as per their beliefs and understanding. All represent the same parambrahma. In India we understand that there are 32 crore type of life and there are 36 crore type of god and 56 crore of varieties of food available. This is a fact and the numbers have arrived from long experiences of sages and saints.
          Everybody can think as "All are born from God and every particle of him is present everywhere". After understanding this we can pray god as per will and pleasure. And this fact will help us to meet the god everywhere.
          Mind and life are not separated. Use Rudraksha for good connection between life and mind.
We need to know the benefits of Rudraksha for understanding the greatness of wearing it.
We are part of the God. Because of that we all are able to define the god.
Wearing rudraksha brings good connection between our mind and life. That makes us to know more about life and thus spiritual.
Wear Rudraksha and bring a change within you.
This ends "Shree Chintamani's Advice".


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