chikna mala two

Fashionable and slim mala made with spatik beads and indonesian rudraksha beads which are pancha mukhi or 5 mukhi.
999.99 (INR)

Benefits of wearing the rudraksha mala

  • Fashionable and slim design to wear.
  • Pancha mukhi rudraksha in the mala gives the wearer peace of mind and also the benefits of protection.
  • Spatik beads have the natural power to bring coolness to the wearer and also removes the diseases slowly.

Configuration of rudraksha mala

  • 61 beads of good quality medium size spatik beads.
  • 61 beads of best quality pancha mukhi / 5 face rudraksha.
  • 5 face rudraksha beads are of Indonesia origin.
  • diameter of rudraksha beads are 6 mm.
  • Length of the mala when worn on neck is 31 cm. When measured from one end to another end as one line, the length of the mala is found to be nearly 62 cm.