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Benefits of wearing 17 mukhi rudraksha for me ? What all it can improve for me

10 years ago
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I want to see the benefits of 17 mukhi rudraksha. I heard that it has so much of wish fulfilling power for an IT person and will give the best possible results for me. I am in IT sector and actively involved in software development. Do u all feel 17 mukhi is really worthy of buying ?

thanks, Satya
10 years ago
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17 mukhi rudraksha a rarely available Rudraksha. As there is less availability of the bead, so the price and demand for the bead is more. It is believed to give success and wealth to the wearer. The wishing for worldly benefits and the pleasures are easily fulfilled with this Rudraksha bead. The sexual health of the person is restored with good health and brings good relationship and peace of mind.

It is the bead for viswakarma. So anyone who is involved in some type of mind work where intense thinking and designing or architecting is involved this right Rudraksha bead. Wealth and happiness follows with good success in your work and personal family stability which this bead bestows upon the wearer. It is considered very good for women as it fulfills all their wishes from this material world.

Om Namah Shivaya
7 years ago
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Satara mukhi rudraksha helps for IT professionals where new ideas are required. Also to keep balanced health, choose this bead.