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Rudraksha and tantra - Relation and the benefits of using

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Good Morning all
While reading few of the online articles from this website and also from other websites which are related to rudraksha and other spiritual articles, i felt a good attraction on rudraksha and taken an interest in it. There are many instances where it is referred for the tantra or the tantric purpose. I even had heard about tantra related to rudraksha many days back that i do not remember, and i had a perception that it is used for those type of purpose only. what all you guys feel on this. If you people have any knowledge or understanding on my doubt please share it. Thanks in advance. Sharad
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Your view is definitely in right direction. Many people who practice tantra or yoga, they need to keep their body healthy in adverse conditions also. For tantra rudraksha beads are helpful. Also for all hath yoga, rudraksha keeps the health good and neat.

It has importance for the science while chanting and has immense help. Those who do black magic research and those on tantras, find rudraksha beads as another way to energize their power and also to pass their blessings through. Specifically we find references where tantrics or the such research practitioners, wear rudraksha mala while doing their activities. They perform puja and other austerities related while wearing such type of malas. Many times even when we refer to tantric fashion, we always refer wearing rudraksha mala as worn around neck. Many of the practices indirectly help for health and also for getting fearlessness.

Many times we do chanting and we use rudraksha rosary for the same purpose. It is used for keeping count on the number of times we do the chanting. This is a type of mantra sadhana.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Sharad, as per the Ayurveda the rudraksha contains more vitamin c. This helps to make the body protected from all type of diseases. Rudraksha is the vital medicine for curing chest pain. And many more such cures with rudraksha.

Rudraksha with yoga has more chamatkari shakti. Rudraksha shakti is used for keeping our body healthy and fit. And yogis always used this mystic bead.

There are many rudraksha therapies for perfect health.

Om Namah Shivaya