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Rudraksha for rahu - is it 8 mukhi or 9 mukhi

10 years ago
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I need some answers to one of my doubt on the rudraksha and the deity associated with it. I recently got some rudraksha mala. I found some understanding on rudraksha from internet. I also had shown my horoscope to one of the known astrologer to minimize my sufferings and unsuccessful life. I find that i am currently in need of rudraksha for rahu. I understand that rudraksha will work wonders without doubt.

Some of the articles have been describing that [url=/9-mukhi-rudraksha-bead]9 mukhi rudraksha[/url] is for Mata Duurga. I felt that Rahu's deity is related and so that should be the rudraksha for rahu.

I still read clearly from your website that 8 mukhi is related to the planet rahu. Please suggest me which one should be considered as rudraksha for rahu. As this will help me to choose the right rudraksha which can suit me as per my birth analysis from the astrologer.

Kindly answer me.
10 years ago
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As i understand,[url=/8-mukhi-rudraksha-bead] 8 mukhi rudraksha [/url]is associated to depression, long standing failures etc. And these are caused by Rahu.

Hopelessness, kind heart ness, deep spiritual knowledge - these are caused by Ketu.

And from the rudraksha recommendation for these planets, I assume that 8 mukhi fulfills to remedy those which are caused by Rahu. Still there are certain overlap in characteristics and remedy.

Om Namah Shivaya