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Buying rudraksha on wholesale

7 years ago
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I want to buy rudraksha in wholesale. I want to be a distributor and sale as a franchise if possible. Please let me know what are your suggestions on this.
7 years ago
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Hello Suresh,

   We do provide rudraksha in bulk. We can also help you to set up shops as a franchise option. We have some terms and conditions. Your option to buy rudraksha, on bulk or at wholesale price will be updated to you soon through email.
7 years ago
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I would like to sell rudraksha. I live in arunachala pradesh of India. I have come across many trees where rudraksha is abundant. I would like to collect and sell these rudraksha beads to people who ever will be interested.
7 years ago
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We have sent you more details on your email for wholesale price of rudraksha.
7 years ago
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I am from USA. I had made some readings on these special powered beads. And i find that some of my close friends also interested in testing the power of rudraksha beads. They have grown interest in owning few beads of the rudraksha similar to me. When we are discussing about wholesale, do i get few beads at cheap rate ?
7 years ago
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Rudraksha beads can be brought in wholesale rates while buying in large quantity.
7 years ago
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Please give some more information on the large quantity. What much numbers it should be to place order of whole sale price.
In other words- how many beads i should order for getting rudraksha beads in whole sale price ?

rashmitanayak@ommrudraksha.com wrote:
Rudraksha beads can be brought in wholesale rates while buying in large quantity.
6 years ago
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Buying large number of rudraksha beads at a time is a risk. I had bought some rudraksha beads in large number as it was available at a discounted price. I had just kept the beads for later time wearing. I saw that most of the beads developed cracks and i was not able to use them later.
6 years ago
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There different ways of storing rudraksha beads. If we store beads properly then we can keep the beads for long time and can keep it better and non cracked. Still if a bead is kept very long without proper care then there are chances of getting cracks
5 years ago
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Mr suresh if you want rudraksha directly from Nepal, please contact ommrudraksha directly.
5 years ago
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I am interested for the rudraksha requirement. want the original Nepal rudraksha. Interested if having own farm of rudraksha and supplying in bulk.
5 years ago
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i want wholesale price for every rudraksha.
plz let me know the minimum quantity.
Also tell me how vil u help me in opening a shop in my Area.very high demand of it in my area.
plz revert me through email asap.

5 years ago
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Om Nama Shiva Ya

My name Rani,..I would like to buy ganesh mukhi if any body has pls inform me.We are not farmer of rudaksha also but we need special mukhi for sell,..pls inform if any body have spc mukhi.
4 years ago
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I want to buy 1mukhi rudraksha on wholesale price,but how did I identify that, that one is original?
please tell me what is the general identification test of rudraksha ?
and is there any guaranty card I'll get with it???
4 years ago
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   The one mukhi kajudana shape are available in different quality and of indian / srilankan origins. You need to buy few and try it yourself to see and compare the quality before going and buying bulk in the first order. It is not advisable to buy bulk without knowing in full detail.

  The one mukhi kaju dana shape are available in fake also. So you need to buy few and try. There is not definite way to test these 1 mukhi kaju shape. If you are reiki practitioner then you will be able to find the energy of the bead easily. But definitely you can do the xray. If you do x-ray of the bead, then you will find a picture showing outer cover in kaju shape with one inner bead available.

Om Namah Shivaya
4 years ago
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Rashmita Nayak wrote:
We have sent you more details on your email for wholesale price of rudraksha.
dear rasmitha plz send me price of 7mm - 22mm,with pure clean natural colour round nepali rudraksha,for minimumwhole sale price for puja.Thank for your attention

send me text to email; my@gmail.com

satya weddnanta
whatsap number; +62
4 years ago
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Agam singh Rai wrote:
Mr suresh if you want rudraksha directly from Nepal, please contact ommrudraksha directly.
dear Suresh,pls info list of minimum quantity,
2 years ago
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HI I WANT TO SETUP A SHOP IN MY AREA who will u help me this i want i in wholsale price....
one year ago
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Dear sir, I'm K.S.Vivekanandam, four dar of sivapuam valipadu peedam, at kabilarmalai, namakkal, Tamilnadu. I want wholesale price list of 2, 5 and 6 mukhi rudracha for retail sale.
one year ago
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We want to buy Rudrakshas (1-21) from both the origins Nepal and Indonesia  in bulk, at a very low price, whole sale rate.
one year ago
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Sir, I'm Anilkumar and I belong to Kerala. I have Panch Mukhi Rudraksha tree in my home, and I have lot of beads. If you need five faced Rudraksha, you can contact me
10 months ago
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I hope everything is very good.
Could you please give me more information about rudraksha beads you have for sale, do they have a hole, how much you have, what type and the price and any other useful information if you have :)

Thanks a lot in advance