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Need to know and choose how one mukhi kaju Rudraksha fits to me & benefits in daily life

10 years ago
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HI ,

Kindly, help me if we can go for 1 mukhi  kaju Rudraksha , My birth star is Dhanista ,actually (Three face  Rudraksha).

How can i choose best one (1 mukhi  kaju Rudraksha) for my usage in daily life.I was recommended to go for 1 mukhi  kaju Rudraksha .

please ,let me know all about this 1 mukhi  kaju Rudraksha in daily life .How to handle it . How can we  believe it is work for us and benefit for it .

Thanks & Regards,

V.Siva Rama Krishna

10 years ago
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Hi Siva Rama Krishna, the one mukhi rudraksha from Nepal are actually round beads. As these beads are rare and come in very less quantity to market, so we use 1 mukhi rudraksha kaju shaped. These beads are shaped like Half moon and are also known as chandrakar ek mukhi rudraksha.

This bead is best suited for people who need good business and also need spiritual benefits. You can wear 1 mukhi kaju rudraksha. It will have good benefits when worn with 2 number of 5 mukhi rudraksha.

Om Namah Shivaya
10 years ago
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Hi, Please consult and find out the suitability of wearing 1 mukhi rudraksha. All rudraksha beads have different quality. The 1 mukhi rudraksha of kaju dana are currently available alternative for real 1 mukhi round rudraksha. The kaju dana rudraksha are having similar properties to it's original counterpart. But there may be indication of more anger for some people. That means you may feel a little more anger within you after wearing which slowly goes down and you become normal from anger point of view after continuous wearing for 3 months.

See that the beads that you are going to choose are not insect ridden And does not look deformed or of different formation than that of kaju size.

Om namah shivaya
10 years ago
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Hi Siva Rama Krishna, While choosing the good quality 1 mukhi kaju dana, see that the bead is of proper shape. Also look at the way you are going to make the caping for that. See that the caping does not destroy the bead in any way. Choose a good color and proper shaped bead and it should work fine.

Omm Nama Shivay
4 years ago
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You can wear ek mukhi kaju shaped.. It has the most powerful effect .... I have read somewhere and I have observed personally that this kaju shaped rudraksha may gives anger and increases heat of the body... You should also wear 5 mukhi big nepali beads mala to get the maximum effect... Or you will not feel that much....
1 year ago
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Om Namah Shivay,

    I have seen the Java 1 mukhi to be the real and working one mukhi rudraksha, the kaju shape rudraksha effect, power and benefits, if anyone has good experience, let me know.