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13 mukhi ,14 mukhi & 21 mukhi

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Can anyone wear 13 , 14 & 21 mukhi ? Can they be worn together in to 1 thread ?
Pls advise ?
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Hi Kumara, Yes definitely you can wear them all. 21 mukhi is very powerful bead - as considered. And 13 mukhi and 14 mukhi are also good beads. You can make them in one mala to wear.

Om Namah Shivaya
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You can also see if 14 mukhi and 13 mukhi are really required for you or not. All rudraksha beads works properly. But some of the beads will give more benefit than others based on their qualities. You can send us for rudraksha recommendation online. And also ask question there. Rudraksha recommendations are for beads upto 14 faces.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Thank you for replying. Appreciate it.
Just one more questions does 13 mukhi will bring detachment from family ?
In fact which rudraksha mukhi will lead to family detachment ?
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Kumara, The detachment thought is brought or comes to mind because of Anger or Addiction. The addiction is coming because of much involvement or more than required interest in something. Which leads to Anger and then the Detachment.

All rudraksha beads while wearing should be considered if that may give more power and anger or not. If some bead may give anger and irritation then those beads should be avoided. Lord Shiva himself is married and Enlightenment does not lead to detachment from family. More involvement in matter will surely lead to.

Please see if you require rudraksha for venus. If that is ok then you can wear 13 mukhi.

One example is, Once customer felt real anger within after wearing 1 mukhi. But after closely analyzing and suggestion, he wore it for less time in a gap. And after a period of time ( 1 month +- ) he felt good on wearing that rudraksha.

All beads will give good benefits to the wearer.

Om Namah Shivaya.
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My spouse is more inclined towards spiritualism. Should not i give this combination to him.
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I'm going through Asthama Sani right now.

1. What rudraksha is good for me at this point of time ?
2. Can I also wear other rudraksha like 2,4,5,6,7,13,14 mukhi rudraksha during this Asthama Sani period ?

Appreciate for your advise.

Om Namah Sivaya
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For saturn , many go for 13,14,6.
For astama saturn, you need more protection. so definitely 2 mukhi and 5 mukhi should be there i feel. Other beads are good. If you can provide more details of your birth, it will be easier for me.
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My D.O.B 2nd March 1982
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Dear Kumaran,

   Please send your complete details for astro analysis to