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How can i test with copper coin test for finding the genuineness of rudraksha beads

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   I have been in contact with rudraksha from long time. My father was a priest. And i see him wearing rudraksha beads from long time. He wears a mala of rudraksha beads which are many may be nearly 108 beads or something similar. Those beads look brown black and are regularly worn by my father from very long time. As i got interest to know more about rudraksha, i was interested about testing rudraksha beads. I saw some videos which are describing about testing rudraksha beads with copper coin. It seems that the copper coin when placed above and down the rudraksha beads, make them to swing across and make them to circle slowly. As i already had rudraksha beads of my father which are all five face rudraksha beads so i taken two copper coins which i had got with me previously. i have tried with the beads that i had and also those of my father. I see that i do not find anytime the beads having any movement with the coins. Without touching the beads, the beads does not seem to have any movement. But the videos show a lot that the beads move very faster. do u have any suggestion on this testing

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Hi Ramakrishna
    I read your experience with rudraksha testing. Copper coin test is one of the ways to test rudraksha. The rudraksha beads are more vibrated when they are kept near copper. All people may not be able to feel the vibration that the beads give. But the beads are said to vibrate more when they are taken near or kept close to pure copper.
   There are videos that you are mentioning are about testing rudraksha in between copper coin. Mostly it is like "Keep one bead above one copper coin, then press another copper coin above the bead which makes the bead to rotate. ". All people won't be able to test rudraksha by this way properly. The total rotation of rudraksha beads are doubtful to many people. And it is also an art to show how the beads are rotating.
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Dear Ramakrishna. The copper coin test is very much a debated test. There are issues while doing tests with that method. And if you research, you will find that there are no proper way to tell rudraksha about it;s originality. And it seems that copper coin test is the only way to prove that the beads are original. And many customers who come to our shop they ask for copper coin and test rudraksha themselves. Some succeed in testing and they happily buy and few struggle to test it and ask our help. And really it is difficult to test rudraksha with copper coin. I feel it is a art to show that the beads are really rotating rather than telling that the test is successful.

Anyway the test is debatable and " We need the word Scientist to be present in the test suggestion to believe that the test needs a look".

Om Namah Shivaya
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Thank you sashmita and himanshu for your efforts in explaining me. I understand that the test needs to be done multiple times and actually should be practiced for the test to find success.