Tuesday, August 11, 2020 5:42:41 AM

My first rudraksha mala

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Hello, and greetings to you all :)
I want to buy a mala from your webshop, and i have a few questions:

-Why is smaller bead size rudraksha mala more expensive then bigger size? I read that bigger size beads are more powerful, am i wrong?

-how many mukhi does this mala have (i would like to buy it):

-What colour are your rudraksha malas? I see there are some yellow and red, but i am not sure... :)

-Do you bless our purchased mala's? I am from Croatia, and i am not sure that i have all required ingredients for the first blessing.

-How much does the shipping to Croatia cost?

I ask a lot of questions, and i am very grateful for your answers. :)
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Hi , Rudraksha are very effective to human body and mind. When worn in multiple numbers in a mala, then it has much more effect. The effect of rudraksha is felt within a few days of wearing.

    We have 108 numbers of rudraksha beads in mala. These beads are of Indonesian origin. These have power but less than that of Nepali rudraksha beads. These malas can be worn and have good effect on the wearer. These are also used for japam or chanting.

    The Indonesian beads are smaller in their nature. The smaller beads are available lesser and are more costlier. The smaller beads also have more effect than their larger counter part. These smaller beads are better in looks.

Om Namah Shivaya
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We do not have shipping partner for Croatia.

We can arrange the shipping with other shipping / courier service providers.

The beads are treated. If we clean the bead again, then it will look like Nepali rudraksha from color point of view.

We do puja for the Rudraksha mala that we send. We ensure that it is properly done puja and mantra japam in the morning before dispatch.