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What are the theories for chakra ?

3 months ago
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What are the theories for chakra ?
3 months ago
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Speculations of Chakras
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There are likewise three individuals supposedly, who have attempted to create a hypothesis with respect to what chakras may be, concerning western science

1.John Evans in his book of  "Mind Body and Electromagnetism" advances a hypothesis that chakras could be the consequence of spinal nerve spread differentials
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2. Wim Borsboom in the book "The Kundalini Process ..." and "Free By Nature ...", makes sense of how the chakras and there petal numbers may be associated with thoughtful nerve coordinates, his arrangement of chakra.
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3. Another one relates the quantity of chakra petals with the few pinnacle frequencies of the Scuhmann reverberation which being standing waves, the attractive part of which through the cross over Hall impact, sways the semi-conductive "openings" in the glial cells of the spinal nerves, in the mid physical area.
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