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How does mudras work?

1 year ago
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Read some about mudra, how does mudra work?
1 year ago
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Hello, as i understand

Indeed they do. The beneath mudra is said to lessen mucus related issues in your body. I generally face the specific disease and I find a moment purifying sensation at whatever point I do this Mudra. You need to exhaust your brain and basically focus your psyche on the mudra. You feel an energy begin moving through the contacting fingers and afterward all through the body cleaning your internal parts, for my situation the areas of throat, nose and temple. It is exact moment, invigorating and not to say astonishing

Surya mudra,

Thank you
1 year ago
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It is a good question ⁉️😌⁉️ i would like to answer with my limited knowledge 😸😛 on these things. 🥇 🧬

Human cognizance has 5 spep aura of layer like onion around it these are food body (annamaya kosha) mind body ( manomaya kosha) energy body (pranamaya kosha ) information body (vignamaya kosha) and encountering /experience body (anandhamaya kosha).

Mudhars are stances involving fingers and body in a perticular way with the goal that there is stream of prana in legitimate circuits in the pranamaya kosha.

Human hands and finger body parts, are source for prana this is being recycled once more into the body empowers its remedy. The prana enables correction through these body parts