Thursday, September 21, 2023 2:09:13 PM

I heard that one who starts doing meditation, will never remain same ?

1 year ago
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One who really does meditation, never remains same.

1 year ago
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The interest for bringing peace started and hence was begun by embracing Meditation, and right now I have been taking Meditation ordinary and part of daily life.

I as a whole was continually running with practically no break and this steady running has made me dreary and here i want harmony and the way has been Meditation.

Meditation is where i have come to unwind, come to my genuine perspective (you are so close yet at the same time extremely far)

The principal thing i ought to continuously recollect it requires investment and i were in such an excess of rush that i will miss the meditation as well.

I also had become upset, had have  the desire to carry on with the life, was in frightful state, can never envision to be separated from everyone else, had zero faith in there is quietness since till now i have encountered interruptions.

You can completely change yourself by embracing Meditation, you can adore the life, you can cherish your family as well, you will cherish your environmental elements as well
1 year ago
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Meditation has helped, it was a guide to my internal journey, for all related queries, it was just to look inside and do the practice.

For all assistance, the practice showed the way to go next, and to know more about it, reading is enough.