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What is the best way to do meditation?

4 months ago
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What is the best way to do meditation? i see there are different types of meditation
4 months ago
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There should be some reason to do meditation and the proper way to do meditation. So

Root cause of depression according to me is, “one’s mind that haunts him when no one is around”.


Now lets see how do we tackle it with meditation??

How to start ??

Choose a time of least disturbance. I prefer morning around 5.15-5.30. If you exercise do it after exercise, take a bath but be ready at time you fixed for meditation.
Initially, if needed, take support from wall to sit straight up so that your spinal cord is upright. Otherwise avoid taking support and sit straight.

Gist of meditation is to sit idle thoughtless focusing on your breath. Generally it is advised to focus on your breath from start but it is very difficult to do that for someone who has never meditated before. So I will suggest a different approach to it. Close your eyes and observe what is first thought comes to your mind. This observation in turn prevents any thought to come to your mind. Even if they come don’t worry let them come and go. Don’t get stuck with any one of the thoughts. Let them Flow.

In order not to think if first one is not working for you, try listening to voices that you could hear coming from far distance or closer to you. It may be birds chirping, fan spinning, someone talking something from far away. dog barking, anything for that matter.

Even this act of just listening prevents you from thinking. Slowly with practice you won’t even need to do anything to be thoughtless.

You will reach a stage where you will find that you are totally in the present moment. You don’t have any thoughts in your mind.

At that moment start focusing on your breath. Just breath in and breath out. Don’t force it, let it come and go in its own pace. This is the point you start relaxing your mind.

Go ahead step by step. It won’t be easy. Start with 5 min. and slowly increase it up to 30 min. or so. More you do it more you will feel the effect.

Parampita paramatma Shiva
4 months ago
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The most ideal way to think is to reflect everytime.

Let me elaborate my thought

Contemplation/meditation will not be powerful that you get a proper time, do reflection around then just and afterward begin taking care of your responsibilities.

The key is to focus on all that you're doing. On the off chance that you're eating food, full focus should be on food as it were. In the event that doing study, spotlight ought to be on study. The most effective method to think ? Center around any inner or outer article. It is called trataka.

For novices;

Attempt to zero in on your breathing example. At the point when you breathe in and breathe out utter the sound of Aum (Om).
Center around the tip of your nose or at the focal point of your eyebrows (on the angular shape span).
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start with shut your eyes and sit peacefully for ten/twenty/thirty minutes, as you feel good. At the point when you start to sit peacefully the first to respond is the body. Sitting in one stance without movement isn't acclimated. So you will receive messages from the body that ' I feel a tingle here, a tingle there.' Just observer these tingles yet don't co-work with your body. Since, in such a case that you do, then, at that point, a large number of days as you sit peacefully the body's grievances and tingles will begin. So watch the body and without responding to its requests train it to sit peacefully for a predetermined measure of time. The following one to respond will be the psyche. It will begin a whirlwind of contemplations in your mind. At first the body attempted to defy a discipline, presently it is the psyche. By and by be prepared for the brain and witness the whirlwind of considerations. Like you witness the traffic remotely, witness the traffic of contemplations inside. Furthermore, don't rate your contemplations in that frame of mind of good, terrible or appalling. Contemplations are simply considerations. They travel every which way. Very much like the rushes of a sea at the shore. Waves come and afterward vanish back in to the sea. Watching these waves you don't think, ' Oh..Thats a decent wave, that is a terrible wave.' A wave is a wave. Your considerations are as well. Ofcourse they will pull you in to themselves on occasion and you will become related to certain considerations, you will free yourself in them… however leisurely unravel yourself and again become an observer to them.
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Many individuals suggest doing think, and furthermore discuss the significance of meditation. I concur. Assuming that we perceived the basic justification for why we do meditation, it'll be a lot simpler to pick the right contemplation technique.

Individuals attempt to think on account of these reasons:
To free from such countless contemplations, to have the option to concentrate well and to enjoy unfaltering harmony. Besides, to track down answers and truth in me.

Then, at that point, to find the right reflection strategy, the contemplation technique ought to permit us to precisely sort out the issues we have and there ought to be a particular ways of taking care of the issue
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I bet, everybody has encountered thoughtful state something like meditation once in a time.

At any point can't help thinking about why we feel so quiet and peaceful when we go into the nature? Since we live at the time. Our breathing dials back, body and psyche get loose and we feel enormous happiness. Bingo!

This is precisely exact thing they call thoughtful state. It is that straightforward and simple!