Tuesday, September 26, 2023 3:21:53 PM

Do the gemstones really work for our problems ?

1 year ago
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Do gemstones really work to resolve our problems? I don't know what work we can expect from gemstones. If it's something you are going through in your life which you are not liking and you are purposely going to wear Neelam ?
1 year ago
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May be / may not be particular gem, ritual or worship will help you, I will say this based on my personal and client experience . Spirituality and meditation are something else which works definitely. I know, many astrologers may disagree with me or different , which usually happens. you really want to change your life or get out of the repetitive patterns in relationships, business, work, then start to introspect your life, behavior and habits every day.

I always recommend that change or work when looking at the problems, and that all humans are capable of doing that.
1 year ago
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So my understanding is that what you do every day to prepare for the next day is simple. If the gems made you a healthy rich, all the rich would wear a few kg of gems on their necks and hands.

If gems do miracles, everyone will be rich, healthy and rich in life.

Astrology was used in ancient times to predict the weather to avoid harm and damage, but unfortunately nowadays there is a huge business going on