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1 mm chipped 13 mukhi Rudraksha

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I am wearing a Rudraksha mala with 4 beads of 13, 4,5 and 6 mukhi. Recently while taking bath the whole mala fell down and a very minute part chipped off from the 13 mukhi bead. The chipped part would measure about 1 mm in size and it was from the middle of a mukhi. I have that small part with me but don't know if it is still ok to keep wearing this bead. Please suggest if I can offer some puja and keep wearing this bead.
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The chipping of lines on Nepali rudraksha is not a concern, as per the experience it does not do any harm, u can continue wearing it.
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Hello All, I have some knowledge on these beads chipping scenario, also know from the rudraksha shop as a customer.

I have found that many of the beads are actually chipped, and most of the higher mukhi beads are having chipped lines,

I have seen the chipped line rudraksha are offered at lesser price. As I have found on discussion, it still works properly. The wearing person may think that it is not perfect, but the bead is a natural product made of wood material naturally, these type of wear and tear are happening naturally, also some cracks in the bead comes naturally, that is acceptable and are perfect to be worn.

What you feel.

If anything wrong typed, please correct me.
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Thanks for the responses. Can you also let me know if the combination of Rudraksha beads I am wearing is good? and in what ways? I am also interested in knowing what is the best way to wear them.. Currently I have tied them together in a yellow nilon thread and wearing.
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Om Namah Shivay

    please correct me where you find me wrong. The combination of mala is 13,4,5,6. It can be worn as a combination mala as per personal experience. You can wear multiple beads together in odd numbers. That means better to wear 5,7,9... beads.

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Astrological insight to decide rudraksha should be right choice.