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what are the rules for wearing rudraksha ?

1 year ago
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I would like to know the rules for wearing rudraksha ? What all conditions are there to wear rudraksha or what we should perform while wearing it for the first time.
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The magnificence of the Rudraksha organic product is that it tends to be worn by all regardless of the sex or position. As indicated by the sacred texts additionally one can wear Rudraksha 24 x 7 .

सुप्ते पीते सदाकालं रुद्राक्षं धारयेन्नरः | 19

: Srimad Devi Bhagvatam, Book – 11, Chapter – 7

"सोते समय, पीते समय अर्थात् सभी कालों में मनुष्य को रुद्राक्ष करना चाहिए."

"One ought to be wearing Rudraksha even while dozing, eating, or drinking, implying that one should wear Rudraksha constantly (which means Rudraksha can be worn 24x7)."

The main safety measures to take with the goal that the dab doesn't get harmed are:

Try not to wear a Rudraksha to a clinic or a crematorium place as there are blended energies present in the encompassing which may harm the Rudraksha.

There is no limitation on food and beverages for the wearer of Rudraksha .

Oil the Rudraksha once per week to keep it from getting dried out.

So there are no particular guidelines for wearing a Rudraksha .
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Rudraksha works best just when u have unadulterated brain

U can wear rudraksa 24 hrs just when u have severe life propensities.

Market is overwhelmed with counterfeit rudraksh so better to purchase from geuine provider else there is no advantage.

Rudraksa speak to Shiva