which is the most expensive gemstone ?

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I am interested in knowing the most expensive gemstone
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Diamond the most precious gemstone

You presumably definitely know about the precious stone's sturdiness. Actually, it's the hardest gemstone and is made of only one component: carbon.

Its structure makes it multiple times harder than anything in nature and must be cut with another precious stone. While it's gotten about interchangeable with wedding commitment, it's additionally the ideal stone for people who need something that is similarly as suitable for ordinary wear for what it's worth for exceptional events.

Precious stones come in a few hues, including yellow, red, pink, blue, and green, and range in force from black out to striking. As a rule, the more soaked the shading, the higher the worth.


Truth be told, jewels shining with serious shading are uncommon and might be evaluated higher than a boring precious stone of equivalent size. Since extravagant shading precious stones are truly alluring, shading is once in a while presented in a lab. These are effectively called shading treated jewels.

Its one of a kind physical properties implies it has the most ideal brilliance of any gemstone when cut and cleaned well. So in case you're in the market for "shimmer," the Diamond is the gemstone for you.
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Alongside precious stones, rubies, and emeralds, top quality alexandrites are among the most costly gemstones on the planet. In bigger sizes over 4.00 or 5.00cts., Burmese rubies are more uncommon and costly than alexandrites yet in sizes beneath 1.00cts., alexandrites are commonly more costly than the two rubies and precious stones. It is uncommon to discover alexandrites weighing over 0.25 carat and even minuscule scuffle sizes with a decent shading change are extremely elusive at any cost. Stones weighing under 0.50 carat can merit a few thousand dollars at retail costs and stones more than one carat may retail for multiple times more
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Here I am discussing gemstones. Truly as indicated by me and my experience "wearing gemstones are extremely valuable". I have just found out about this theme in Indian mysterious book and I additionally investigated that every gemstone has its own importance and every one identified with explicit planet. As indicated by Indian Vedic soothsaying, there are nine planets (sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Dragon's Head, and Dragon's Tail).

As indicated by these planets, there are likewise nine gemstones and every gemstone represents distinctive planet. For instance Yellow Sapphire is identified with Planet "Jupiter", Blue Sapphire represents "Planet Saturn", and correspondingly remaining gemstones are likewise identified with residual planets. Nine gemstones are (Yellow, Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Red Coral, Ruby, Hessonite, Pearl, Cast's eye, Diamond). Every gemstone has various advantages and every one is not the same as one another. These nine planets are otherwise called "Navaratna". These gemstones are valuable for both crystal gazing and Ayurveda. These gemstones evacuate negative forces of the wearer's life and bring inspiration. It is accepted that wearing suitable gemstone as indicated by your planet carry good karma and accomplishment to the wearer's life.
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Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Red Coral and precious stones are most costly gemstones. You have to wear Pure and Natural gemstones which is once in a while found
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Top 10 rarest gemstones found on Earth:-

1. Poudretteite

First found during the 1960s in the Poudretteite quarry of Mon Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Poudretteite is probably the rarest jewel known today.

2. Tanzanite

Beside buying it, the main way you'll acquire Tanzanite is by going to the lower regions of Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania. The blue-purple stone is amazingly uncommon and might be mined out inside 20-30 years.

3. Benitoite

Normally found close to the San Benito River in California, Benitoite is a blue to purple gemstone previously found in 1907. The best piece of this pearl is when put under UV light it looks like sparkling blue chalk.

4. Grandidierite

Found only in Madagascar, this pale blue green mineral is pleochroic and can communicate blue, green, and white light.

5. Dark Opal

While opal might be Australia's national gemstone, dark opal is the rarest and generally significant of its sort.

6. Red Beryl

There is just one known business creation of pearl quality red beryl on the planet and it's situated at the Ruby Violet mine in the Wah-Wah Mountains of Beaver County, Utah.

7. Jadeite

For the most part found in restricted amounts, Jadeite is most important when it is hued a profound, clear green. In 1997, Christie's closeout house sold a Jadeite accessory for about $10 million.

8. Taaffeite

Named after the Bohemian-Irish gemologist Richard Taaffe who found it in 1945, Taaffeite is an uncommon pearl. Actually, just a bunch of these valuable stones have ever been discovered, making them a genuine gatherer's pearl.

9. Alexandrite

The promotion behind Alexandrite is because of its shading evolving properties (and its shortage comparative with precious stone). These one of a kind qualities make an uncommon blend of minerals that incorporates titanium, iron and chromium.

10. Painite

As per many, including the Guinness Book of World Record, Painite is the world's rarest mineral. For quite a long time, just two gems were known to exist. The mineral is comprised of aluminum, calcium, boron, zirconium and oxygen.