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How to differentiate rudraksha and bhadraksha ?

2 years ago
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How do we find the differences between rudraksha and bhadraksha, Recently found some article on that, and i have interest in knowing the way of differentiating these two.
2 years ago
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There are numerous ways to differentiate between a rudraksha and a bhadraksha. Bhadraksha is a number of rudraksha, but is generally considered to be inferior than rudraksha. Though both come from the same kind of tree, there is a noticeable difference in their shapes.

Rudrakshas are usually properly circular in shape, especially the high quality ones from Nepal. Bhadrakshas are more shapely and usually designed like a new-moon. These are mostly found in India and Sri Lanka. Bhadrakshas are also lighter in weight than rudrakshas because of lesser thickness. Here’s a picture of bhadraksha beads…

The top protrusions of bhadrakshas are less sharper and less harder than rudrakshas.

One more very easy way to check for the natural gap. Bhadrakshas do not have a natural hole while rudrakshas have holes on either side for passing a chain through them. Likewise check if the slots are properly cylindrical. In case it is, then the hole has been artificially drilled. Normally, the hole would be irregular.

In the event you drop a rudraksha in water, it is going to sink to the underside while a bhadraksha always floats for a time before sinking in slowly with minor wavy movements.

In case you put a rudraksha in a copper vessel with normal water, it rotates automatically. There is no such phenomenon visible for a bhadraksha.

It is said when you place a genuine rudraksha in your right palm and close up it, you will feel certain vibrations. Then you could make certain that it is authentic. Right now there is nothing of the type for a bhadraksha.

Hope this helps in answering properly
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Typically the Holy Rudrksha is one of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb botanical family. The Elaleocarpus has about 361 sub species. The Bhadraksha is 1 one them.

Typically the Bhadraksha beads are located primarily in the South of Of India or in Srilanka. The crescent moon shaped One Mukhi fundamentally belongs to this very types. They are not really rounded and somewhat flattened and large in nature. An individual will not locate higher Mukhi’s just like 8 mukhi plus above in them.

Yet , the powers that the original Rudraksha has is usually clearly absent inside that of a new Bhadraksha. They carry out not have the natural hole. Some also call that a “Rameshwaram Bead “. We would personally suggest one not necessarily to opt with regard to a Bhadraksha Rudraksha.

I have not gone deeply directly into other technicalities in the Bhadraksha bead when i think they would certainly only confuse an individual. The different points We have you want to within the answer given would give an individual a clear concept of the dissimilarities that plainly reveal and mark out there a “Bhadraksha” bead.

I sincerely wish that my answer has satisfied your current need to realize the between a new Rudraksha and bhadraksha