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What is the fact with Rudraksha wearing ?

3 years ago
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What is the fact behind wearing rudraksha ? What all are considered when wearing rudraksha ?
3 years ago
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It is not necessary that one must wear a Rudraksha bead. Nevertheless once you start wearing them, you get so much attracted towards their energies that you keep planning to wear and have really them. In ayurveda Rudraksha is considered as medicine.

The Rig Veda brings up

(Rukh draavayathi iti rudraha). Rukha means ‘grief, distress or anguish’. Draavayathi means ‘to eradicate’, ‘iti’ means ‘that’ or ‘who’, and Rudra means another name of Shiva. That means Shiva who eradicates miseries or grief.

A person who wears all Rudraksha becomes become Me. So one must attempt from all levels to wear the keen Rudraksha

Each personal is blessed with immense energy to progress and satisfy his /her life purpose. However due to conditioning by parents, self, modern society etc., we knowingly/unknowingly hinder/curb its natural flow, thereby creating mind blockages and physical illnesses.

Rudraksha beads help / assist someone to clear off such restrictive thoughts and reinstate the positive, ever encompassing love energy we are born with and born for. Rudraksha beads help an individual to realize self-worth and self-power and lead a happy successful life. Finally we are here to attain spiritual benefits
3 years ago
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For all the issues of todays world , nature has its own answer . Furthermore, rudraksha is a blessing from the nature . Rudraksha is honored by Lord shiva himself.

So when you wear a Rudraksha you take yourself closer to the nature.

Rudraksha is likewise accepted to be a capacitor , it stores our positive vitality and discharges it when required the most.

It is additionally referenced in our sacred writings that Rudraksha is gainful for each and everybody on this planet independent of sexual orientation , religion , age gathering. It is for the most part accepted by individuals that no one but men can wear a Rudrakhsa , which is a greatest fantasy.
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Rudraksha, the seed created by an enormous evergreen expansive leaved tree of the variety Elaeocarpus. It is bounteously found in the calm and sub-snow capped zone is a pioneer of imagery in the Shivaism, a significant convention of the Hindu dharma where the devotees see Lord Shiva as the chief god. Worn around their neck or wrist basically as Mala by the enthusiasts, it is established of two words; Rudra and Aksha, both being of Sanskrit root.

Rudra is simply the supremesoul Shiva and Aksha means eyes; which means, having begun from Lord Shiva's eyes. Consequently, A certifiable Rudraksha seed has high critical ness, logical properties, yet it is baffling and is viewed as exceptionally consecrated and valuable.