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Can / Should rudraksha be worn by Women ? Several commnunicaty restrictions

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Would like to know that if women should/can wear rudraksha. As because, there are several community restrictions here.
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For question like "Should women wear rudraksha beads ?" / "Are rudraksha being worn by all", I have my view as below.

For me, Absolutely Yes, they must wear it. The Devis and wifes of Rishis like Bhagwati Parvati, Saraswati and many Devis Rishi Patnis have worn it. Also Vedic Upnishads on Rudraksha, Shiva Puran specifically mentions that women should wear Rudraksha.
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Now there may be few tribal communities of unlearned people who may have certain ISSUES about the great bead being respected and used by all. It is used in Japa, and Poojan and they wear it too, All Rishis without exception do wear Rudraksha Beads and use them with respect and reverence for Japa, and so do there consorts Great wives of Rishis Devis Themselves. Rudraksha is kind of part of Shiva the very reason of this bead is spiritual and Godly, it is not for eating, medicine or decorating but for Japa and Wearing.
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You could have indeed posed an extremely sensitive question. Because the Indian mind has its own divergent views on this matter and many of these views are explosive in nature.

Rudraksha should be worn by Ladies

Going strictly as per what the Holy Shiva Purana needs to say, it has flatly explained that women must wear Rudraksha’s. It offers elaborated no further. Leaving it to interpretation if women who can wear Rudraksha’s or not.

Possessing the scriptures and in my personal experience I am of the personal view that ladies can very well wear the Holy Rudraksha. The Almighty Shiva has bestowed this “Gem of a Bead” to the whole human beings regardless of  caste, creed, and so forth. This pious and holy bead is beyond all these man made divisions.

It is somewhat selfish of humanity to attribute some natural great be causes for the fairer not to benefit from the great things about this wonderful bead. I actually in my capacity of the Rudraksha supporter fully endorse wearing of the bead by women.