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How much does pukhraj gemstone work, Does it work as described

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I would like to know the working of Pukharaj Gemstone. Does it work as described. How much does a Pukhraj work
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I started wearing one. I had faith in astrology. I had tried consulting our Pandit Ji to see if could help me out. He had seen my birth chart and asked me to wear Pukhraj to nullify the ill-effects.

I would say it is suggested to wear gemstone with proper suggestions. Recommendation from astrologer highly preferred. Yellow Sapphire is regarded as the strongest gemstone in Vedic astrology and is known to bring success in profession, career and academics, prosperity, wealth stability, social status, health revitalization, marital bliss, and improved fertility.
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Pukhraj or Yellow sapphire works
Properly, working of the gemstone totally depends after the factors such as quality of the rock as well because the guidance of an astrologer. In circumstance of yellow sapphire or pukhraj natural stone in Hindi. It is regarded to be the one of the most benevolent gemstone available among all other gemstone. Since yellow stone is related with the planet Jupiter, which is considered to be the educator of all the planets. Moreover, this stone proves benevolent for each person. Assume an ascendant of Sagittarius whom birth-stone is considered to be yellow sapphire can wear this gemstone through out their life. Apart from that an ascendant of any zodaic sign can wear this gems, because yellow sky-blue gemstone would not make any bad impact on its wearer. So if you would like to check on that whether yellowish sapphire works in fact or not. An individual can once try wearing this.
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PS Im not an expert. I have been wearing for the past 10 years. Was asked by my parents. Ive had one incident where I wasn’t wearing it and met with a very minor accident. Also while wearing it I have had 2–3 near misses. This definitely had a bearing on my mind. I do not venture out anywhere without wearing the ring. There’s no way to know but I am grateful for the stone in some ways. I was told it doesn’t make you lucky and successful but at least it keeps you away from bad luck. Better be superstitious though
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In fact I don't believe in stones. We can neither prove that stones will work or not. Within case of film start, it is personal opinion : whether for trend, for luck, beneath influence of the friends, relatives or perhaps known ones.

There may be many who else wear stones are usually successful and numerous aren't.
Similarly, presently there are might be several who don't use any stones nevertheless are successful and several who are not necessarily.