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what are the benefits of wearing rudraksh

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Many articles are there on google where benefits of rudraksh has been described. would like to know here, what all are the benefits of wearing rudraksh
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Benefits of rudraksha
Rudraksha channel electromagnetic characteristics which oscillate with chakras to most excellent frequencies to balance them and thereby bring healthiness, counterbalanced state of mind, empowerment and spiritual growth. chakras affect in our own physical (organs of the body), mental and emotional sates. when they are unbalanced, they demonstrate as physical illnesses and emotional disorders. this affects our growth in walk of life, relationships, material and personal liveliness. each mukhi of rudraksha ranging from 1 to 21 mukhi resonates with different chakras and summarizes specific deity and planets. thus depending upon the mukhi of the rudraksha and the related chakra, a rudraksha mala gives specific advantages.
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We all believe in Supreme God. I guess almost all of us with the exceptions of some.

We also Know that Paramatma Lord Shiva and his superpowers? If yes then you must be aware of the powerful Rudraksha mala which is seen being adorned by many people.

Rudraksha has myriad benefits. Wearing a rudraksha mala should shield you against unfortunate incidents. Further, it offers quite a lot of medicinal benefits like boosting memory and decision-making, regulating blood pressure. From stress point of view, minimized stress and peace of mind. From self confidence point of view, increased self-power, stimulated mind and a sharpened intellect. Also from disease control point of view, disease healing through balancing of chakras.

We should start wearing a rudraksha right away and feel the power of it. I think that would convince more people.