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What all differences that you can find between precious gemstone and semi precious gemstone

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I came across many references where references to semi precious stones are there. What does the semi precious stones do make ? Are there any specific reason for the precious - non precious wordings.
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What are precious gemstones ?
Diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire are major four precious gemstones. These represent mostly the higher demands and are popular. Also used more in jewelery. Precious gemstones are the hardest to find. As with anything that’s rare, demand for these types of stones often goes up with the less supply. Therefore, precious gemstones are worth more than non-precious stones because there is more demand than availability.

What are Semi-Precious gemstones ?
Semi precious ones are the stones which are readily available in the market. This means their price is usually lower and more people can afford.

Semi-precious stones hold a significant place in the world of jewels."

Ruby is a precious gemstone
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Precious gemstones are usually more expensive than the semiprecious.

Semiprecious stones are mostly of the less valuable ones; such as quartz. But there are rarer semiprecious stones too. They are as valuable as diamond and emerald. Alexandrite, Imperial jade etc are very costly.

The precious ones are generally costly like Diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire.
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Good information on precious and semi precious stones. I would like to know if the semi precious stones effect after wearing. yes semi precious may be rare, but what about the effect of semi precious stones.
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Technically, only 4 gemstones are at present considered “precious”: emerald green, ruby, sapphire, and diamond. The expression was introduced in the mid-19th millennium to designate gems that were important, popular, beautiful, in addition to rare.

Diamond, however, would not lose the status as “precious” even after the particular discovery of large diamond deposits inside S. africa in 1867. Diamonds are not necessarily rare at all, nevertheless command huge prices due to their particular popularity and very effective marketing. Actually right now there are several “semiprecious” gems that are much rarer compared to diamond, emerald, dark red, and sapphire. Regarding example, tanzanite is incredibly rare and will be seen in only 1 place (Tanzania), nevertheless isn’t considered valuable. Other types of very rare semiprecious rocks include alexandrite.

We have this question a great deal, and the response is…there is zero real difference in between precious and semiprecious gemstones! The distinction between gemstones of which are “precious” and people that are “semiprecious” is completely arbitrary. In fact, the US Federal government Trade Commission offers considered banning typically the two conditions since they unnecessarily confuse consumers.