Monday, June 21, 2021 12:17:10 AM

Where can i get rotation rudraksha

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I need a rudrakasha which rotates when it cracks negative energy and positive energy. I had seen one of my friend wearing it and had checked in various places but couldnt find one. The place from where he bought has been closed now.. can u please let me know where i can get the real one?
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we dont have rotation rudraksha  i have not come across such type rudraksha pls clarify me.
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Rudraksha Emits Vibrations Which Generates Magnetic Field Around, It Has Electromagnetic Properties and the round shape helps to rotate it.
All rudraksha bead should be rotating when using copper coins. All rudraksha beads which are original are the rotation rudraksha.

Try using with the Two copper coins. Place the Rudraksha in between the coins and observe the rotation. Rudraksha is the Devine Bead With Scientifically Proven.