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Which rudraksha is best for study?

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Which rudraksha is best for study ?
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Dear manoj,

For study,cocentration and  memory power mainly 4 mukhi is very good. Or saraswati mala like 1pc 4mukhi,1pc 5mukhi,1pc6mukhi (3 beads combination mala) also very good.
You can go for either option 4ukhi or saraswati mala. You can wear good nepali beads as these beads are not much costly u can go for 3 or more number of  beads it will have more effect..

For student, teachers and who are doing in teaching or speech related job for them these beads are more effecive

thank u
om namah sivaya
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you can go with  4 ( Brahma Rudraksha ), 5 ( Kalagini Rudraksha ) and 6 (Kartikeyan Rudraksha ) Mukhi which makes the ideal combination. It ensures that you  get enhanced concentration, retention ability  and there is a general sense of well being with in you..
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manoj jain wrote:
Which rudraksha is best for study ?
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I find 3 mukhi rudraksha working much. It is for activeness, mars and for health matters too. Much better for women.

It works better for memory and students.
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The best combination of rudrakala is 4-faced and 6-faced It is also known as Saraswati Brinda This combination of Rudrakar enables students to achieve academic success and therefore empowers them for a secure future.