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what should do to get more effect of gemstone?

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What should i do to get more effect of gemstones?
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Dear mohan,

To get more effect of gemstones :

Ist thing is that you should choose apropriate gemstone according to your birth chart and planetary position.

Then check the quality and clarity of the stone u are going to wear.

Make sure for astrological purpose you should always wear  100% natural stone without any heated and treated stone.

and do energisation and cleansing of the stone before wearing.

Wear it in apropriate metal and proper fingure by asking any experience  knowledgable asrtrologer.

these are certain things you can follow to get more benefit from the stone u r going to wear.

Thank you

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Thank u for your advise.
i have one doubt that how i will come to know that stone which i m taking is natural or unheated treated please advise some tips on that.

thank u
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You can do lab test for the particular stone which u are taking and diffrent types of tests are there from that test u can ask for doing heat or treat test then in the certificate it will mention that the stone is either heated or natural. And natural stones always having some inclusion inside it and very clear stone will be more expensive and rare to get.
Natural inclusion stones can be worn there is no problem but it should not crack from outside.