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How to take care of my rudraksha mala?

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How to take care of my rudraksha mala?
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To make the rudraksha beads to be healthy it need to take care certain things like

Clean the beads whenever u feel it seems dirty like some deposits is there or atleast 2months once u clean it properly.
soak it in luke warm water for half an hour or 1 hour.

Then with a new soft tooth brush clean the dirt which accumalated on the beads. Donot use any chemical soap to clean the beads.

Then for 1 day let the bead dry properly after that apply oil (any oil like oilive oil,coconut oil,sandalwood oil....) with the help of a brush  to the beads to make it moisture.
Now its ready to use again like this way u can take care of your rudraksha beads.

Namah sivaya