can the rudraksha be worn at all times?

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can the rudraksha be worn at all times?
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Rudraksha works best just when u have unadulterated personality with immaculate propensities like

Evacuate mala around evening time and wear simply after shower

Never use at incineration, sex, driking liquor, eating tamsic sustenance like onion garlic and messy spots where antagonistic vitality is high in light of the fact that rudrakha respond and it effectsly affects individual who wear.

U can wear rudraksa 24 hrs just when u have severe life propensities like a dislike a creature only for hotshot

Market is overwhelmed with phony rudraksh so better to purchase from geuine provider else there is no advantage.

Dont wear rudraksa with tulsi mala as it respond as a result of inverse vitality

Rudraksa speak to shiva wheras tulsi speak to vishnu.
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After wearing rudraksha, one shouldn't go to memorial service or a cemetery and furthermore birth of kid ( what I implied is going to houses where a young lady has conveyed an infant)

After wearing it, one shouldn't engage in sexual relations with a ladies ( There is a logical inconsistency in this that sanctuary cleric says that one can wear and perform intercourse as they accept that the rudraaksha should contact the throat and it is anything but a wrongdoing).

After wearing it, individuals ought to got not go to latrine.

There may be some referenced in Linga Purana, however I am not knowledgeable in this.

. After wearing, one shouldn't eat or expend onion or garlic
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Banita  sahoo:
can the rudraksha be worn at all times?

Just avoid drinking, sex while wearing Rudraksha. This is a simple rule that we should all Hindus known already.