Monday, June 21, 2021 12:11:12 AM

Does rudraksha causes any harmfull effect on wearing it?

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Does rudraksha causes any harmfull effects on wearing it?
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No there is no side effects.Rudraksha are not like gems but you should choose according to your zodiac sign or birth planet.Rudraksha generally helps to remove all negative effects in your life.
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Rudraksha never give negative energies and harmful or side effects.So rudraksha never give reactions or damage though gems stones can give negative energies or unsafe impacts if unfairly prescribed. Rudraksha itself speak to Lord Shiva and it includes numerous home grown properties inside it since it is for the most part developed in Himalayan locale which is natural and high in vitality. As a general rule the Puranas explicitly express that Rudraksha don't hurt under any situation and contemporary logical examinations have discovered that Rudraksha don't hurt. It has discovered that the Holy Rudraksha will never mischief and never give negative impacts since this isn't their inclination and this isn't what Lord Shiva proposed for them to do, when he shed his Tears to support Mankind..