Thursday, August 6, 2020 5:56:44 AM

Can i wear rudraksha with any other gemstone or metals?

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Can i wear rudraksha with any other metals or gemstone?
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yes you can wear rudraksha with any other gemstone or with any other metal like silver or you can wear it with thread.
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Rudraksha is viewed as blessed. It is thought to increase the vitality of it's wearer. There could be numerous approaches to wear it but then a lot more superstitions as how not to wear it. Yet, before talking about those issues we should comprehend other related issues. Rudraksha increases the positive energies of it's wearer and aides that person the correct way. In any case, the essential is to have that positive vitality. When such energy exists, it doesn't make a difference what string is utilized, Cotton, Gold or Silver. Gold and silver are more grounded and idle. So they are great, as long as flaunting riches or excellence does not leak in. Each kind of Rudraksha is portrayed with certain power yet I don't know about it without a doubt.