Monday, June 21, 2021 12:47:33 AM

Can i worn gouri sankar rudraksha and 3mukhi rudraksha at same time?

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Can i worn gourisankar and 3 mukhi rudraksha,both at same time?
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Rudraksha are found in 1-21 Mukhi in nature. All Rudraksha can be worn by all. One can wear a solitary dot likewise and a blend from 1–21 Mukhi Rudraksha . these dabs don't have any negative impacts, thus can be worn by all regardless of the age, sexual orientation, position or doctrine. The above is even referenced in our shastras.
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As a matter of first importance you have to endure as a main priority that you are allowed to wear any mukhi Rudraksha alongside some other mukhi Rudraksha. There exists no such principle or decree where one is restricted from wearing any sort of a blend and match of fluctuated mukhis of Rudrakshas.

You are allowed to wear a 3 Mukhi Rudraksha alongside a Gauri Shankar Rudrksha. you can make a mix of Rudrakshas hailing from various pieces of the world as well. For example you can consolidate Nepal Rurakshas alongside Indonesian Rudrakshas et cetera.