What are your personal reviews on rudraksha ?

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What are all your personal reviews on rudraksha ?
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This is a favourite thing as it is related to Shiva.

Rudraksha is also an attractive bead which makes us to wear it.

I find it really helpful and spiritual.

Rudraksha For good wellbeing: The profound bead causes you settle down at higher state. At first, this bit of attraction as is well appreciated by the Sadhus and Sanyasis. In any case, in the cutting edge days, it tends to be utilized by those individuals who travel and need more changes, need better improvements for their works and organizations. Wearing of blessed beads implies guaranteeing great wellbeing as it is named as the manifestation of God Shiva.

Shields negative vitality: The favored seed just acts like as a defensive obstruction against the negative energies. Negative vitality, which is utilized by another person has the ability to make you enduring or may lead you enduring to imperative illnesses.

Useful for reflection: It is plentifully utilized in contemplation
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Rudraksha is a seed generally utilized as a supplication dab in Hinduism (particularly Shaivism). Rudraksha seeds are secured by a blue external shell when completely ready, thus likewise being called blueberry beads.rudraksha ordinarily worn for assurance and for reciting the mantras, for example, Om Namath Shivaya by aficionados. The seeds are principally utilized in India, Indonesia and Nepal as dots for natural adornments and malas and are esteemed also to semi-valuable stones. Different implications and potencies are ascribed to dots with various quantities of sections (faces/mukh) and uncommon or one of a kind globules are exceedingly prized and important.
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Rudraksha accuse the spirit of shakti (otherworldly power), expanding the spirit's very own brilliance and its capacity to all the more completely express its perfect power and intelligence in the material world.

They make an increasingly cozy association with the positive powers in nature and the universe, help to mend the imperative energies and bring them into agreeable equalization.

Rudraksha actually signifies "the tears of Shiva". It is stated, while considering Man's torment, Shiva — the incomparable Mahadeva, the Supreme God and perfect blessing supplier — out of the blue started to sob tears of empathy. As his tears fell, he guided them towards Earth and changed them into perfect seeds… to help those looking for opportunity from torment and association with the Divine. Watch this video with Swathimaa portraying the story here.

The assortments of Rudraksham extend from 1-36 faces (mukhis). Here, on our site, we depict 18 assortments in incredible detail, alongside very uncommon and exceptional arrangements, the Ganesh and Gauri Shankar.

The most widely recognized of these dabs is the 5-confronted Mukhi dot. The more noteworthy the quantity of appearances, the rarer the dot.