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How do i find out a real rudraksha and a fake rudraksha ? How do i differentiate between a real rudraksha an a fake one ?

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How do I differentiate between a fake and a real Rudraksha?
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The genuine Rudraksha will have equidistant lines while counterfeit Rudraksha will have a line not similarly conveyed to oblige higher Rudraksha. Mukhi.

The genuine Rudraksha won't break after put in water. The phony rudraksha brakes into pieces after some time.

The genuine Rudraksha won't shed layers while counterfeit Rudraksha sheds layers.

The Real Rudraksha will have higher electro attractive power after venerated to give benefits though counterfeit rudraksha will have lower emf even after love.

Genuine Rudraksha looks regular and phony looks unnatural

Genuine Rudraksha won't have bugs in the gathered sack while counterfeit Rudraksha will have bugs.

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Genuine one will last more while phony will progress toward becoming powder

Genuine one gives great outcomes though counterfeit is non helpful.

Genuine one is joined start to finish while counterfeit is completely filled

Genuine one has sleath outside or leaf stamps through opening while counterfeit has no such identification

Genuine one is completely aged though counterfeit rudraksha isn't matured
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Real Rudraksga should spin or rotate after held with copper coin and possible fake Rudraksha will not have spin or rotation.
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The best quality Rudraksha is somewhat oily, adjusted, hard, with protuberant mouth, clear face, and with a characteristic opening. It ought to be worn on sunlight based or lunar overshadowing day in the wake of performing custom love.

It is seen that even an unripe yet certified Rudraksha may drift in the water, and a non-veritable ones made out of wood impregnated with lead may sink. Consequently, before purchasing a Rudrakasha one ought to counsel a dependable and an accomplished individual. The five-colored Rudrakasha are all around normally found and in this way are generally the genuine ones. The one-colored assortment of Rudrakasha found copiously and furthermore over the top expensive. In this way conning is done for the most part in this assortment. Gifted craftsmen draw fake mukhis on the outside of berries, betel nuts and Areca nuts and along these lines attempt to give them a genuine appearance. Be that as it may, these fake mukhis can without much of a stretch be seen by an accomplished eye and in this manner got. Rudraksha having 2,3,4,6,7, or 8 countenances can likewise be found effectively however its cost is more than the five-colored Rudraksha's and in this manner made misleadingly. Little experience and mindfulness can spare individuals from being bamboozled. For the most part the Rudrakasha sold in the market are genuine ones as they are accessible in plenteous in the nature however the Rudrakasha that are of uncommon kind are arranged misleadingly so as to fulfill the expanding request of individuals. Cost of a Rudraksha dot does not influences its religious or otherworldly significance or restorative worth. Therefore there is no connection or association between the cost of Rudraksha and its religious, spirituals and restorative significance.