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White rudraksha

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Can i get white Rudraksha? if so, what is the cost of 5 mukhi and how long would it take to send?
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sriram g wrote:
Current I am wearing Red 5 muki, I want to wear White Rudraksha.
Can i get white Rudraksha? if so, what is the cost of 5 mukhi and how long would it take to send?
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Hi Sriram,  There are different varieties of rudraksha that is available. Even in Nepal itself different varieties. The heavy and best beads are generally in demand and costly.

The color of the beads from nepal are more dependent on the cleaning. If we are cleaning it properly and the bead is of good origin then color is cleaner.

Your red 5 mukhi could be of Indian origin ? Nepali 5 mukhi also can be red if there is no proper cleaning and some outer layers are sticking to it and becoming red.
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The cost of 5 mukhi best bead are 45 INR. The size is nearly medium size. It takes 3 days to reach US if sent by priority courier and 10-15 days - 1500 if sent by ems speed post.
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Can i get without hole in rudraksha (white color which means not exactly white, kind of light brown or light), as it describes in Devi bagavatham (hole should not be made manually), where do you have shop in India?
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The color can be said as sandalwood color. The beads are available @45 INR. In India shipping cost 80 INR. We can send anywhere.

Our shop in Bangalore address as below

Ommrudraksha, 1st floor, CAR Mansion, Marathahalli Market, Marathahalli, Bangalore -560037
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1. You mean to say it is without hole (Sandal color)?
2. If so, it is from Nepal or Indonesia?
3. Is this your contact 91-9738907165?

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Rudraksha is a seed customarily utilized as a petition dab in Hinduism (particularly Shaivism). Rudraksha seeds are secured by a blue external shell when completely ready, consequently likewise being called blueberry dabs. The seeds are delivered by a few types of huge evergreen wide leaved tree in the variety Elaeocarpus, with Elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb being the important species. They are related with the Hindu divinity Lord Shiva and are ordinarily worn for security and for reciting the mantras, for example, Om Namah Shivaya by aficionados. The seeds are essentially utilized in India, Indonesia and Nepal as dots for natural gems and malas and are esteemed also to semi-valuable stones and have various hues as well. Different implications and potencies are credited to dots with various quantities of fragments (faces/mukh) and uncommon or one of a kind dabs are very prized and profitable.