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Is gemstone is an alternative to Rudraksha ? I mean, can we wear rudraksha in place of gemstone or vice versa

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Is rudraksha and gemstones can be used as alternative to each other ? are they compliment each other someway ?
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Rudraksha and gemstones are used to bring peace, happiness and cleanness.
They work differently and have different characteristics. They can have some similar properties. but I find Rudraksha or gemstones are not substitutes for one another.

Essentially a gemstone will emanate shading related vibrational vitality to invalidate the planetary malefic impact however a Rudraksha will radiate electromagnetic vibrations.

Rudraksha is better and also is cheaper. A six mukhi rudraksha is for planet Venus/Shukra so is a precious stone. The cost of the six mukhi is inside the scope of Rs. 75. It is controlled by Lord Karthikeya according to sacred texts.

Presently a jewel of good quality is a considerably more costly alternative. Every divination in crystal gazing has its own utilization.

You can substitute one for another both will give various outcomes. You can likewise wear both together.
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As far as I can tell Rudraksha is significantly more superior to anything a diamond stone, since jewel stone may leave negative impacts if not reasonable as indicated by any planet, where as Rudraksha never give you any awful outcomes.

Positively wear a suitable Rudraksha administered by a similar planet instead of a Gemstone of a specific planet. I for one discover wearing of a Rudraksha over a Gemstone all the more satisfying.

In nearby jewels showcase you get shading glasses by the name of pearls. In such case Rudrakshas are dependably hitter, you get favored from Lord Shiva, who is the ace everything being equal. One mukhi to nine mukhi Rudrakshas are sequentially considering for nine planets.

At the same moment I do concur that one can wear a Gem stone of a specific planet instead of a Rudraksha of a specific planet actually.

Consequently, given a decision I generally propose a Rudraksha of a decent quality over a Gemstone

Be that as it may, a Rudraksha other than simply having a place with a specific planet it offers you numerous other gainful viewpoints which a diamond stone does not.
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In spite of the fact that, Rudrakshas just as Gemstones come in the domain of Astrological Remedies, upgrading positive angles and lessening negative ones, they are not substitutes by any stretch of the imagination. In view of the broad research done on the cures

To the extent precious stones are concerned, it will have some impact on the people. The sun beams goes through a specific Stone and empower the brain of the wearer.

I am of the firm feeling that the impacts of both these portions are absolutely autonomous; and a specialist celestial person will devise a gemstone, Rudraksha, or blend of both for a specific individual, simply after profound examination of the horoscope, particularly the components of Bhavas and Grahas.