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Rudraksha and Bhadraksha - How to differentiate, how to identify

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How to differentiate rudraksha and bhadraksha ?
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Rudrakshas are normally impeccably round fit as a fiddle, particularly the great ones from Nepal. Bhadrakshas are compliment and typically formed like a bow. They are for the most part found in India and Sri Lanka. Bhadrakshas are additionally lighter than rudrakshas as a result of lesser thickness.

There are numerous approaches to separate between a rudraksha and a bhadraksha. Bhadraksha is an assortment of rudraksha, yet is commonly viewed as sub-par than rudraksha. In spite of the fact that both originate from a similar kind of tree, there is a checked contrast in their shapes.
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Appearance: Bhadraksha is about like a Rudraksha in appearance, yet it doesn't have a characteristic opening. Most Rudraksha have a characteristic opening. On the off chance that your dab is bow formed and looks smoothed, it is undoubtedly a Bhadraksha. Look at the surface of the globule. Bhadraksha will have grooves like Rudraksha, yet they are not all that prickly with articulated depressions like Rudraksha, which likewise has whorls on its surface, similar to the human cerebrum. Bhadraksha is a lot lighter in weight contrasted with a Rudraksha. Rudraksha is circular and originates from trees that develop in north of India and Nepal while the badraksha has a curved shape and is from a tree found in the tropical timberlands in south of India and NE India.
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According to the Shiv Puran- Round in shape, moist, strong, big and thorny Rudraksha with a natural hole present is said to be a real Rudraksha. Any fruit that needs a hole to be drilled in order to make it into a mala is a bhadraksha. Also when you take an xray of the Rudraksha you should be able to see the same number of inside the fruit equal to number of Mukhi. Below is a photo of A 5 Mukhi. Rudraksha is believed to be the link between the two : The earth and The heaven. Though few Hindu scriptures have called them spiritual, where as few modern scholars and gurus have described them as being of no particular religion or rather non religious In this modern age of science Rudraksha is again making its way as a alternate therapy product into the lives of many health conscious people.
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As per my view Real Rudraksha is more of yellowish whereas fake is that leaves color.