Monday, June 21, 2021 1:20:55 AM

What are the changes you see after wearing Rudraksha?

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I would like to know what are the changes that you find after wearing Rudraksha?
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Before few years, i decided to buy rudraksha and ordered online. My intention before wearing was to get peace of mind and calm down in daily life. After wearing the beads, i felt more calmer and my anger level decreased much. Felt cool most of the times.

Health wise i felt it has effect as few solutions that i was searching was easy to find. finance wise i did not feel any changes.

I would wear it and it is good from calming down and keeping the pressure level much down.

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My experience with rudraksha has been little different. Worn due to astrologer recommendation. After wearing i felt some changes in me like good feeling etc. Then i thought luck will change. But i feel it has less thing to do in luck matter. But the feeling and the inner peace increased. I felt this increased inner peace is the luck.
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After the day i received the beads, i felt there is some change. The home environment looks different possibly because there is some change in everyone in the family.

Other things i find same.