Wondering which all gemstones could be most rare and are most expensive ?

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Which rudraksha / gemstone is most expensive and rare?
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Vibration of a Rudraksha is subject to the seeds which can be seen just through X-RAY or CT-Scan. In this way, in the globule of a Rudraksha there are seeds which are in charge of specific vibrations which thus manage DNA, RNA, Gene arrangement, protein combination and so forth.
Little Rudrakshas ought not be all around exorbitant in contrast with greater Rudrakshas.

The greater the seeds , the higher the vibrations. The seeds ought to be greater and the natural product ought to be mature

Along these lines, thusly Rudrakshas from Nepal are more invigorated in contrast with Indonesian Rudrakshas.

For full advantages appropriate pran-pratishta of Rudrakshas ought to be finished by antiquated messages in a favorable muhurt.

Regardless of whether it is a little or huge it doesn't make a difference. The expense of rudraksha relies on the rage of the buyer.

One should attempt to comprehend the motivation behind wearing a rudraksha whether it is Indonesian or Nepal or of from some other spot.

By wearing rudraksha, one should attempt to comprehend that by observing rudraksha on his body will remind the wearer that Lord Shiva is with him and he should see the world with his third eye (internal identity) and in such a case, all the animal of the universe are the types of God.
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There are many gemstones which are really rare. They are very difficult to find and get.

1. “Pigeon Blood” colored rubies which should be flawless and transparent.
2. Red natural diamonds - Difficult to get
3. Natural blue diamonds - should have strong deep color - really rare
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Precious gemstone have always used for jewelry purpose. Precious stones have remained just that all through the years. Generally speaking, ruby is the most valuable gemstone—easily passing fancy colored diamonds in the larger and higher quality stones. Many other gems can be more valuable, such as alexandrite, emerald or even rare colors of sapphire such as padparadscha but top quality rubies command the highest prices.The Red diamond if you find one goes for over 1,000,000.00 per carot. The most rare gem in the world.
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The most seasoned and gigantic precious stone is the "coenol", was found in 1655 in the coller mine in the gorkkonda area of India.The name of the jewel is likewise found in gorkkonda, yet it is a lot bigger than that of the first stone, which weighs 800 carats.
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Precious gemstones are always costly. Like yellow siphire, white siphire ,Ruby,Emerald if u want very good color,luster and clear stone then price will be more expensive depending upon its clarity.