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Want to know the Origin of the sanskrit word - Rudraksha

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What you all understand from the sansktrit name "Rudraksha"
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Two version
Version 1 :
The word Rudraksha is a combination of two Sanskrit words, 'Rudra (रुद्र)' which is the name of Lord Shiva and 'Aksha (अक्ष)' meaning Eyes. Thus, the meaning of Rudraksha in this context is the teardrops of 'Lord Shiva' which is also what our Puranic stories tell us.

Version 2:
‘Rudraksha’is derived from Tamil word’உருத்திராட்சமணி’  which means

1. Uru=Form,Shape 2. Thiratcha=Full 3. Mani=Ornament
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Rudraksha is a combination word. Rudra and aksh. Rudra means Shiva the supreme soul. Aksh means eye of Rudra. The supreme soul does not have eye as this is a bodily thing. Supreme soul is a soul so he does not have a body. So Eye here refers to his blessings or his sweet feeling towards us.