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basic rudraksha bracelet?

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Hi Everyone

I am glad to find this forum.  I am in the USA, and I would like to have a basic rudraksha bracelet. I have checked 2 bracelets here and I think they have some wax coating or, in fact I think they are entirely plastic.  I touched 2 1-mukhi rudraksha beads today and they feel much different, like wood or a seed, not at all like plastic.  However I cannot afford a high-end expensive bracelet.  I read somewhere that 5 mukhi is the most common naturally and thus the least likely to be fake, is this true?  How can I obtain a basic bracelet here in the USA?

Thanks for your help!
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Hi Neal
   The rudraksha beads are fake only for the costly beads. In other cases it is either a low quality bead of a bead of another species of Rudraksha.

  For one mukhi rudraksha, there are different issues when the beads are of low quality. There are low quality 1 mukhi rudraksha which also give more negative powers which is felt immediately after wearing the bead with so irritation on skin or some other small skin issues. There are different varieties of good quality 1 mukhi rudraksha available. See the picture of 1 mukhi rudraksha.

  Some 1 mukhi rudraksha comes which looks perfect as they have very fine edges and look like shiny. The power of these type of beads are always questionable. All beads that we should wear should not have any physical harm to it. Either by way of making hole or by the way of peeling.

Om Namah Shivaya
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Hello Neal

      The bracelets that you are interested in can be of different prices based on the way it is made. If the bracelet is made of gold / silver then definitely the price will be more. The price of a cheap Silver rudraksha bracelet should vary from 1300 - 2000 or more. Gold made ones will be much higher. If you want rudraksha bracelets of less priced ones of natural beads and thread made then it will be nearly 200 - 700 based on the materials used.

    And your note on 5 mukhi rudraksha is correct. The chances that the 5 mukhi rudraksha will be fake is rare. But the chance that it will be of less quality may be more. The good quality 5 mukhi rudraksha are available in plenty. And a bracelet should cost you starting 250 INR.

   Our shipping cost to USA through EMS Speed post is 627 INR. If you are buying any items which are worth 7000 INR or above then the shipping charge is free to worldwide.

Om Shiva
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Thanks for the information, the bracelets on your website are beautiful.  Do you have something like this:


In USA, I have only found plastic bracelets of this type.

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We do have these type of bracelet costing 200 rupees. But these type of beads will have less power.
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I can't find that kind on your website, where is it?  

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hallo neal

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