Monday, June 21, 2021 12:49:24 AM

Found rare rudraksha with trishul and snake mark on it

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   I hope someone can help me on.
   I have recently found one rare rudraksha.
   I was lucky that i bought it before other had.
   It is 12 mukhi rudraksha of Nepali. Very good and nice looking bead.
   It has Trishul mark on it. The bead gives a nice feeling as it has holy mark of Lord Shiva on it.

   The trishul mark is very much clear. But the snake mark on it is not that much clear. But it looks like having a snake mark on it. I felt proud when i bought it. But i wanted to know the special powers that rudraksha beads with such auspicious marks on it. I heard that these type of marks on beads are very very rare and only the chosen people can only own it.

   Still please write me the powers that you may have experienced with these type of rare 12 mukhi rudraksha.

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Venkatesh, That will really be a rare rudraksha. I have never seen rudraksha with those type of marks. The faint snake mark may be a just markings looking like that. Twelve mukhi rudraksha is a good rudraksha to wear for planet sun. It works great if you can person some sun pleasing ( astrological ) steps.

Definitely finding a rare rudraksha these days is difficult. And mostly there are doubts about some rare rudraksha. So How much you are sure that the rudraksha is original . As the bead is a barah mukhi rudraksha, so it will definitely have properties of that bead. About the special power - we need to verify with previous owners of such type of bead.
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Venkatesh i want to assure you that all the Original and Genuine Nepal rudraksha beads are uniform in their characteristics. It is a natural product. And we expect and accept only those beads which satisfies certain characteristics. If we find one mango to be of type jack fruit, then it is only be used to show. Eating and finding it's taste and power to be extra ordinary - is wrong expectation.

All Nepal rudraksha beads should have clear lines and proper color with good shape. If we find these type of marks then we should assume that these beads are worm eaten and have deform shapes which should only be for exhibition purpose and not for owning purpose.

And it may also happen that we get a good original bead and for the purpose of cheating on money, people may make these type of markings on these beads and sell. But for a natural bead, these type of marking should not be there on a healthy and good bead.
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How to get these type of beads. Trishul mark on rudraksha ? It should be very rare bead. Let me know how to get this .