Monday, June 21, 2021 12:15:44 AM

brown ek mukhi rudraksha with clear one face line runing from top to bottom

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Ek mukhi rudraksha of brown color -  I recently bought one of this. Brown color is the bead. One line is there with clear lines. Magnifying glass i used for seeing the line . found that the bead is genuine from external observation. The size of the bead is not exactly round that i found with 4 mukhi. Oval is the nearly shape. I read online documents and forums after purchasing this rudraksha bead. I have still many doubts after i started reading the blogs and forums on 1 mukhi Nepali rudraksha. need real help in finding the things out. got purchased few weeks back from haridwar.
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Pai ji, the rudraksha with only one line on them are very rare. And now a days it feels mythological when we get news that there is one mukhi Nepal beads available.

It is very rare and difficult to certain. As there are trees of rudraksha, so there should be one mukhi coming somewhere. But it needs proper verification as the knowledge on it is very less among the related people.

And particularly the price of the bead of ek face has to be very high because of it's rarity.

The one mukhi is not exactly round as we understand. It should be slightly oval. Actually most of the beads of rudraksha are slightly oval in their shape. You need to verify the bead yourself. And i have less experience with 1 mukhi round rudraksha from Nepal to tell exactly why it should be original.
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Be assured that getting one mukhi that easily is totally not a good news.
And also getting eka mukh bead is also not a good news.

Actually many people claim that they got ek mukhi from spiritual person. And really if spiritual people does good business that means they earn a good business. And actually they are business people in the disguise of spiritual thread.

And sometimes we see that these beads are found to be genuine. Genuine in the sense, the beads are found to be really of Nepal origin. But still there arises question on the genuineness on the faces.

Many times these are Original four mukhi or panch mukhi or other bead which are taken out in a very early stage and are under developed. And sometimes there are chances that it is actually having one line developed when the beads are taken off and sold as one mukhi rudraksha. And to verify here we can have good xray test so that we can assure that the bead has only one seed within it.

As per the mythology, there are rare ek mukhi rudraksha. And now a days there are many different ways to make things out to make people believe and confuse all that there are ek mukhi rudraksha. Where as getting ek mukhi rudraksha is actually a mythology and we expect it to be really rare.