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Help on Rudraksha, Help me on choosing the right rudraksha.

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Dear sir, I have bought one 15 mukhi rudraksha after i read about it's properties. I also got a good bead and felt dynamic changes in my personality after wearing the bead. I felt the beads of rudraksha are truly of heaven. Recently i have seen one of my relative wearing a mala of rudraksha where 7 beads are strung together and made a beautiful mala which he is wearing. As per my discussions i understand that best suited rudraksha can be found out by some way. I would also interested in knowing which all beads are best suiting me and my luck. please guide me in finding the right suitable combinations of rudraksha which can bring luck and other personal / health benefits to me. Help on rudraksha choosing. Will i go to the astrologer to find out the suitable rudraksha ?
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You need to first choose the proper rudraksha from proper source. Best is to choose/buy rudraksha from the trusted source. Then choosing right rudraksha is a bit tricky. All rudraksha beads work well. Except a few rudraksha all beads or rudraksha give only positive result. So no need to fear if u are going to wear all beads possible for you to wear.

Rudraksha should be chosen based on your need. You need to first prioritize the need that you have currently. Then you need to read through the properties of rudraksha. You need to sort out all those beads which are best matching your requirement. Then you can find out what all beads that you feel is right match to you based on your own judgement. Choose those beads and wear them. See a change in your life and mind with them. While choosing beads please do not get confused with different sizes of the bead.
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Your are right Tuhin. Some beads particularly work above expectation for people. But for different people the most preferred rudraksha are different.

Currently we have a rudraksha recommendation application page where you can apply for free rudraksha recommendation. That we will forward to our astrologer who will further analyze and send the recommendation.

You can go through the below documents to read some blog articles where choosing best rudraksha views are given.

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Which rudraksha suits for me
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saravanan wrote:
Which rudraksha suits for me