Monday, January 24, 2022 9:50:46 PM

Cash on Delivery of Rudraksha products. Introduce COD facility for rudraksha

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Dear Sir

I like the information on your website. You have placed the information nicely and perfectly. Mostly the blog and forums give a regular update on the required knowledge.

I see that you do not have cash on delivery facility to your products. It will be great and good help to the buyers when there is cash on delivery facility. Now a days many big online stores like ebay and flipkart have very good cod facility. It actually helps the buyers in buying.

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Thank you for giving good comments on the website information management. We feel great when you express that you are reading through all our blog post and those on forums. It gives a content feeling.

We are still looking out for good comments and suggestions on putting more related information on our website. Please do comment and give more proper suggestion to put more right knowledge sharing.

Cash on delivery facility is a good facility.  And actually i personally like the cash on delivery facility. I have even placed orders on flipkart and ebay with cash on delivery option. Now a days it feels that giving cash while the product is being delivered is more a satisfaction that i paid and received my product immediately. Otherwise it feels sometimes that i have paid for the products from a week. But i am getting the product after 7 days of my payment.
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COD is a very good option. In between we had introduced COD for limited items with money limited to max 5000 and min 500 rupees. We stopped that because of some issues beyond our control.

We are planning to build a proper system where we can give COD for our orders. It still may have a wait time before we reintroduce our COD facility. This time the Minimum amount will be 500 INR and the maximum amount being 25000 - 35000 INR. The new COD will be free compared to the previous COD where it was charged 100-200 rupees for COD.