Monday, June 21, 2021 1:00:12 AM

Rudraksha certificate - Lab report of rudraksha is expected.

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I had recently ordered rudraksha. I got an authenticity certificate for the rudraksha beads that i had ordered. I have some doubts on these certificate being issued.

   I see that all the certificates were printed by your company and not being issued by any government lab.

   Actually who does test rudraksha ? If we are interested in getting lab certificate then will it be possible. Does any govt lab does this ?

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Currently there are no certified organization who can give certificate for the beads providing all details about it.

And moreover, if anyone tells that they are giving certificate, that means they are giving certificate of themselves.

Currently these beads are not approved to be tested at govt labs. But certainly one can assure of the genuinity after personal verification . But that becomes a personal testing only.

These days all dealers of rudraksha beads just give their own Authenticity certificate. This certificate tells that they are sourcing it from the genuine place and through trusted way which always verifies that they are selling the right one. So they themselves give their own certificate telling that they will return the money if the beads are not found genuine.
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I have no knowledge if any government organization (lab) is certifying the rudraksha beads for their genuinity. From our point of view we are currently dealing with rudraksha. And we do source it properly so that we do not get doubt on the genuineness. Then if we get doubt, we test the characteristics of the beads for confirmation. We have out own "Rudraksha guarantee certificate". We give them to all those who demand for the rudraksha certificate.

Currently we will return the gross money taken from customer if he finds the beads given by us as not original. We do not require the person / customer to show the rudraksha certificate for proceeding on the same.

Rudraksha certificate currently can be told as Guarantee certificate for 100% money back promise.