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Rudraksha and copper coin test. To know whether it is not fake

11 years ago
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I am from Coimbatore and am interested in wearing rudraksha. I got interest in this holy bead after i read some articles on news paper on rudraksha and the health benefits on wearing them. From that time i have been reading through the documents extensively to know more about this wonder bead.

I have few doubts on the copper coin test of the rudraksha beads. I read many documents citing about copper coins and the deflation of the rudraksha bead when kept with in. I personally got excited. And one day i kept one rudraksha in between two copper plates that i cut off from my not usable copper jug. I just kept the bead inside the two plates and was trying to see the deflation. I feel i was not able to see it given me any results. Not really able to test that.

I will like to know the procedure to test rudraksha with copper coin. I feel this should be the easiest way as each people have some copper vessel at home and will be easy to test rudraksha with it.

thanks in advance
11 years ago
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Please refer to the [url=/rudrakshagenuinitytesting]rudraksha testing[/url] document for more information on copper coin test.

The copper coin test tells that "Hold 2 copper coin with rudraksha bead in between, the copper coin should show a sign of deflation".

There are many people who will tell the same thing. See many people find that copper attracts the rudraksha bead because of it's power. But testing rudraksha bead with copper coin - I feel it is not a test to prove that rudraksha is genuine.
11 years ago
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The mentioning of the copper coin tests in rudraksha tests  are not a proper test.

The copper coin test requires special ability ? It really does not work when i test it. And always my doubt comes when someone shows that it really works. May be a feel that there is deflation - But possibly a self experience only ( a para feeling ) and not a public demonstrable test.

Also when other objects kept inside copper coin - The same behavior is seen. Then how does copper coin test is a special test to identify rudraksha is fake or original.

I would suggest people to test it at their own risk. To know rudraksha is fake or original - Test it with magnifying glass and ask the seller to tell his confidence in the originality of the beads.
6 years ago
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For testing rudraksha i  find the copper coin test to be sometimes working. Sometimes it looks rotating and sometimes it looks not rotating.Copper coin test may not be the proper test.

I had bought 5 mukhi rudraksha from market. And tried testing with some coin. It looked it is vibrating, not rotating fully at times.