Wearing rudraksha with pearl - Should i wear rudraksha with pearl ?

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I had seen some pictures of rudraksha mala where there were pearl spacers. It looks stunning and beautiful. I also searched on your website to see if there is one or not. But i see there is no rudraksha products listed on your website where there are pearl spacers or like that. I really admire the beautifully made pearl mala along with rudraksha beads in between.

  How about your suggestions on wearing rudraksha in a pearl mala.

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Rudraksha beads can be worn as per the convenience that the wearer feels. Rudraksha can be worn along with pearls. Pearls are very nice looking and one can keep it in pearl mala and wear. That will really look stunning.

Why we have not kept such product just because "We feel we are not going to keep any animal product". We really oppose the use of pearl as they are fashionable animal products. And we feel Rudraksha should be kept away from any type of animal product.
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You can definitely wear the beads with pearl. It is your own way of thinking what is wrong and what is right. You can make the mala beautiful as per your need and can wear it without doubt.

We are not keeping pearl because of our own interest and there is nothing to do with Rudraksha .
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These days the pearl is sourced in a way which concerns this as a animal cruelty and does not suit to be regarded as a devotional or spiritual product.

Only because of the way of sourcing, it is really difficult to get cheap pearl which is natural and does not involve animal cruelty.

Again it is upto the person who is wearing and this is only my person view on the subject.