Monday, June 21, 2021 12:48:48 AM

Finance n expenditure!

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Is rudraksha helpful in solving financial problems or even cutting down expenditure?
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Respected sir, definitely rudraksha helps in finance issues. It may .ot happen that just by wearing rudraksha there will be mpre mpney flow in. But when u r positive and see money being saved and spent more controllably. It is you who will make tjis happen as u will be more rudrahood after wearing and will have a different spiritual way of looking at things.
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From our own person use, we have seen that some of the rudraksha beads are particularly helpful in bringing the money more. In case of business please keep one 7 mukhi rudraksha in your cash box.

7 mukhi is for all disease cure and also for keeping your money flowing in. When kept in cash box, there you feel that always you tend to keep money or money tend to be there most of the times.

seven mukhi rudraksha represents the lord of wealth "Maha lakshmi". On wearing this bead, one pleases her and gets her blessings. The blessing for content money feeling comes to certain extent.